Claim Your Future is a project that emerges from the initiative of schools of FP, Universities and NGOs from 6 countries around the world.

The project works through a awareness phase: where students from the different participating schools discover the social entrepreneurship environment of the Mataró region.
A phase of co-creation: where we work on strategic social challenges for the city through the Mataró Social Innovation Camp, and finally a leadership phase; where the winning student team participates in the experience of visiting another country and discovering and sharing knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

The project aims to inspire young people to believe and bet on change and innovation in their regions; through becoming referents of his peers. The project lasts 3 years, training will be carried out on social entrepreneurship and workshops, a student think tank will be created aimed at political leaders and a method of student leadership. The Escola Pia de Mataró and the TecnoCampus university center are the Catalan educational centers that will participate in the project as well as the Mataró Town Hall, being open to the subsequent participation of other schools, universities and local governments.

The Claim Your Future project is a strategic alliance within the Erasmus + network. The entities involved are Friesland College (Netherlands), Inova + (Portugal), Bridging to the Future (United Kingdom), KSM (Lithuania), Solidarity Service (Catalonia) and Verikom (Germany). There are 24 university students or FP students from each country involved.


The objectives of this project are to develop the mentality of the social entrepreneurship of young people, through their own exploration of the impact they may have within their region.
Through a process of joint work, visitor and inspiration, they spread to other companies to contribute to the change in their region. CYF gives us the opportunity to work with young people on the awareness and participation in their territory, through  innovation projects.