Knowledge of the territory

On January 11, Baccalaureate students from GEM School and High Degree Vocational Education students from Administration and Finances and  Multi-platform Applications Development of Escola Pia School in Mataró, along with students of the Tecnocampus who act as activists and mentors of the event, met to begin the project in the Field of Innovation.
This initiative as an innovative project arises from the collective proposal between three city schools, Tecnocampus University, Mataró Town Hall and the foundation of the Solidarity Service, which is directly related to Claim your Future.

The objective of the project, also directed by the City Council, is to propose a challenge to students to develop innovative ideas with a social component, under the motto “How can you imagine Mataró in 2022?”.
The project was divided into 4 subtitles, the tissues ones, the sea in value, the new urban port model and international actor in Mataró.

Initially, on January 11 2019, all of these centers met to formally present themselves and form groups, to be able to meet and make contacts.
The presenters began the meeting for the future project, whose goal was to create an innovative idea and the winning team will have the opportunity to travel to Lithuania for a week to learn about the business ecosystem of the country.

Once the groups were assigned, there were some activities to present themselves among themselves and to get to know each other better.

In this way, a climate of trust was created to facilitate communication between them at the next meeting.

Finally, it was concluded with a group photo. Take a group photo.