From Claim Your Future we work to develop social entrepreneurship in young people and to contribute to change. In order to achieve all these changes, several projects are carried out year after year through a process of joint and inspirational work, Passing other companies on to contribute to the change in their region. CYF gives the possibility to work with young people about the consciousness and participation in their territory, through social entrepreneurship.

Claim Your Future works jointly with the Mataró Town Hall (from Café del Mar and the Strategy Service), Tecnocampus, Gem School, Thos and Codina School and Pia Santa Anna Mataró School.

The Claim Your Future project is a strategic alliance within the Erasmus + network. The associations involved are Friesland College (Netherlands), Inova + (Portugal), Bridging to the Future (United Kingdom), KSM (Lithuania), Solidarity Service (Catalonia) and Verikom (Germany). There are 24 university students or FP students from each country involved.

Social entrepreneurship training and workshops will be carried out in order to explore the company, its environments, its specific characteristics and problems. In a second phase, the students become mentors of other colleagues in their surroundings.

A student think tank will be created to develop a greater sense of participation. It is intended that in series of three meetings per year, they will share their experience and proposals with professionals, members of local or regional government, teachers and school principals.

Finally, a toolkit will be created, on the actions and the research of the students like leaders in benefit of the personal development, the social company and the sustainable regional growth that will consist of training courses, methodologies, workshops of inspiration, Manuals and other tools that students and professionals will be developed.

This year, events like The Social Innovation Camp (carried out at Tecnocampus), the round table, the trip to Lithuania, the innovation camp for middle school students …, have taken place.