Time for change.

Students from all over Europe are claiming their future. Students from six partnering countries all have aspirations, dreams and ideas about their own future. Claim Your Future

Each student participating in Claim Your Future picks their own regional topic to work on and collaborate with local policy- and decision makers, entrepreneurs, professionals and other students to come up with concrete steps, solutions and plans for these topics.

During this process, a couple of amazing things happen;

  • the student discovers new skills and hones their existing skills
  • each student group forms a peer mentoring system where they support each other and lift each other up.
  • the student gets a better vision on their personal, educational and professional future
  • the region grows stronger through the efforts of the students on entrepreneurial, societal and governmental level

    By letting the student decide what they want to focus on, they are being put in the drivers seat of their own future. We call this: ‘Students In The Lead’.

    Claim Your Future puts students in the lead based on four simple key actions; discover, create, lead and share.

    Explore your own region


    Each student works within a region that has its own varying topics of interest.  It is up to the student  to discover the various topics of the region or to come up with their own topics. Maybe the students wants to work on a social issue, bring more awareness to a certain subject, or improve one of the strong points of the region.  The students explores the region through  company visits, round table talks with government officials and meetings with other students, entrepreneurs or other professionals.

    A practical approach to regional topics


    Once the student has chosen their topic of interest, they come up with innovative plans or solutions to that topic. they do this by meeting with experts, organizing theme days, having think tanks or thinking of other creative ways to spark their ingenuity.

    Be an ambassador for your ideas


    Of course, these plans are meant to be spread. After working on their idea, the student becomes an ambassador for their own ideas and plans. The studentlead other students by sharing and talking about their plans for the future. This enthuses other students and officials and creates awareness around that topic.

    Sharing ideas with peers, professionals and government


    The final step in this cycle is to share the plans with peers, professionals, policy- and decision makers, other government officials, entrepreneurs and others who are interested. Sharing can be done in several ways; through workshops, think tanks, round table meetings, organizing themed days or other ways the student sees fit. By meeting with these people, the student discovers new ideas and the cycle of discover, create, lead and share starts all over again.

    What Claim Your Future focusses on

    List of regional topics

    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Food, Nourishment & Health
    • Sustainability
    • Awareness for Mental Health, Substance Abuse
    • Peer Mentoring
    •  Transition between Educational Levels
    • Art & Culture
    • Music, Festivals and Entertainment
    • Infrastructure & Traffic
    • Generational Gap
    • Multicultural Society
    • Language Aducation
    • Legacy
    • Vital Region
    • Inclusive Society
    • Healthy Aging